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Step 2 for Telehealth Success: Develop and Plan Your Program - IMST Telehealth Consulting
Creating successful value focused telehealth programs that improve quality, outcomes & costs.
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Step 2 for Telehealth Success: Develop and Plan Your Program

Just the thought of adopting a new technology may cause you to feel stressed. This is because about 75% of technology projects fail every year, even for Fortune 500 companies! 



Nobody embarks on their telehealth project with the intention to fail. They usually fail when organizations obtain funding and purchase technology before they determine what their program will look like.


By following the steps in Phase 1, you’ll already have a strong foundation for developing your project plan.  You and your team will feel confident that you have what it takes to make all the moving parts fall into place.




First, we’ll work with you to identify the detailed equipment specifications, clinical, operational, and staffing requirements you need to deliver the services identified in your program model. This information will be used to construct requests for proposals to vendors and determine what staff are needed to operate the program.


Using the information from the previous step, we’ll create a detailed task list for implementing each area of the program (technology, operations, and staffing).  We’ll also help you to define an effective approach to getting all of this work done with a schedule, budget, and assigned resources.  


On the technology side, this is the time to determine:

  • Your requirements for service agreements
  • A list of target technology products
  • A vendor list to assess
  • One-time and continuing costs
  • Room requirements
  • Workflow and billing procedures


Each task is then categorized as administrative, clinical, or technological, and assigned accordingly.  To ensure program success, we’ll help you to develop a detailed project plan that includes:

  • Education
  • Workflows
  • Budget
  • Communication
  • Stakeholder management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Marketing


If at any time during the Develop and Plan phase you find the details to differ significantly from the original approach, we recommend going back and making the necessary revisions to your business case.




Decide how your telemedicine program will be monitored and evaluated to ensure it is meeting your defined business and clinical goals.  Choose what data to collect to assess progress, determine how this data will be collected, and develop a schedule for monitoring and reporting performance to the organization.  We can help you select the best metrics to capture the true essence of your program.  


Key performance indicators (KPIs) that capture the right data to ensure program performance aligns with the initial business, clinical, and technological goals is critical for monitoring and controlling program success.  KPI measurement also helps streamline reporting to governing and oversight agencies to prove compliance with improved health quality, outcomes, and costs.  It can also serve to obtain future financial support as you grow your program in the future.


Also during this step, you’ll create a system for quality improvement to put into action when performance reports fall below your objectives.   It’s best to incorporate these performance measurement and quality improvement activities into the daily workflow plan and begin collecting data from day one of your program’s Go-Live date.  It can become very daunting to try to go back and gather this data later.

Heather Zumpano About the author

Heather is a patient advocate and telehealth ambassador, with a vision to make a positive social impact on health quality through technology. She’s an experienced clinician, and the Co-founder and Project Director of IMST Telehealth Consulting, LLC. Heather’s work in diverse clinical settings fostered a deep awareness of opportunities for improvement in health delivery systems. She has experience leading successful projects in business and health care. She enjoys business development, marketing, finance, research, and managing project teams. The company specializes in end-to-end telehealth program development, from assessment, to identifying a solution, and creating market awareness. IMST Telehealth Consulting, LLC helps its clients increase access to quality health care, reduce costs, and increase revenues. Heather holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance from the University South Florida, Tampa. She also earned a Master of Science in Health Informatics from Walden University, Minneapolis, MN. Heather is a member of the Florida Telehealth Work Group, the American Telemedicine Association, and the Pinellas County chapter of Better Living for Seniors.

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