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Step 3 for Telehealth Success: Implement Your Program - IMST Telehealth Consulting
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Step 3 for Telehealth Success: Implement Your Program

Implementing is the most fun of the whole process, because you and your team will work to bring ALL your thoughts and plans into existence! 



It is during this phase that IMST Telehealth Consulting adds tremendous value to your organization, because we are dedicated project managers that use formal project management practices to keep your project on track.  In many cases, clinical departments are very busy, and it is helpful to have our expertise to ensure efficient completion and coordination of the many different tasks required to implement the program.


We use a detailed work plan to record and track progress and to highlight dependencies between tasks.  Once the work plan is underway, we’ll keep all stakeholders updated on status, manage risks, and work with your team to resolve any issues that may arise.  


Once the program has moved into operation mode, the focus will shift to executing the performance monitoring plan and coaching you and your team on conducting the ongoing program monitoring and evaluation activities.


Following the plans and specifications established in phase 2, this step ensures that:

  • Equipment is purchased and installed
  • Clinical protocols are finalized
  • Contracts are implemented
  • Operational processes and procedures are revised if needed and communicated
  • Staff are hired or assigned, and trained according to their roles
  • Facilities are established
  • All aspects of the telemedicine program are tested to ensure that the program is ready to begin delivering the targeted services using the planned program model from phase 2.


During Phase 3 all project deliverables will be accomplished.  Products created during the implementation include:

  • Finalized clinical protocols for new service
  • Executed contracts and agreements
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Patient Informed Consent Materials




The Monitor and Improve step is the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of your program, and the identification, assessment and implementation of program improvements.  We’ll teach you how to perform the perform these processes  so you can determine if  the program is achieving the desired clinical and business goals.  In addition to identifying necessary changes or improvements, this step helps maximize utilization of your technology, and track the data needed to report to payers, regulators and oversight agencies. Monitoring and evaluation  will be repeated at intervals defined in the Monitoring Plan and will become a part of regular operations.


For Performance Monitoring, data analysis determines whether the outcome was different from what was expected.  The results and interpretation of the data analyses should be incorporated in a report and presented at team meetings.


Improvement Logs and Data Collection Documents are critical for the evaluation process.  Collecting data and maintaining improvement logs will allow your team to track program performance and identify areas for potential improvement.


Based on the analysis of the data, program enhancements and modifications may need to be made.  The team can refer to the process improvement plan developed in Phase 2 to implement the changes.  If further changes are required,  we are always here for you to help improve, expand, and grow your program for maximum health quality and outcomes, and financial success!

Heather Zumpano About the author

Heather is a patient advocate and telehealth ambassador, with a vision to make a positive social impact on health quality through technology. She’s an experienced clinician, and the Co-founder and Project Director of IMST Telehealth Consulting, LLC. Heather’s work in diverse clinical settings fostered a deep awareness of opportunities for improvement in health delivery systems. She has experience leading successful projects in business and health care. She enjoys business development, marketing, finance, research, and managing project teams. The company specializes in end-to-end telehealth program development, from assessment, to identifying a solution, and creating market awareness. IMST Telehealth Consulting, LLC helps its clients increase access to quality health care, reduce costs, and increase revenues. Heather holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance from the University South Florida, Tampa. She also earned a Master of Science in Health Informatics from Walden University, Minneapolis, MN. Heather is a member of the Florida Telehealth Work Group, the American Telemedicine Association, and the Pinellas County chapter of Better Living for Seniors.

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